A mysterious Latvian webmaster and innocence all-round

The uproar over the use in a marketing email this week of what was supposed to be secure and confidential player information continues, with all of the central parties involved issuing the results of their investigations.

The row is all about confidential player information left in the custody of Real Time Gaming (RTG) software providers when their licensee Grand Banks Casino switched software to Playtech in the middle of last year. As last weekend started, Grand Banks players started receiving personally addressed marketing emails from Tony Friedman’s Windows Casino inviting them to play at Windows with the minimum of red tape because their old user names and passwords could be used.

Clearly there had been a gross violation of player privacy, and within hours a joint statement by Grand Banks and Real Time Gaming denied involvement, promised an investigation and sought to reassure the players.

Tony Friedman of Windows was the first to issue a press statement with the results of his investigation. It sounded a little like a bad novel, and raised some technical eyebrows. Claiming that the database had been supplied by an at present unidentified Latvian webmaster seeking an affiliate deal, Friedman said that it seemed Slot Gacor genuine and he did not realise it was the RTG Grand Banks database. Yet the Windows marketing email specifically referred to Grand Banks in the text. Technical observers have also commented that if, as he claimed, Friedman had been in contact with the culprit, he should have sufficient technical information to trace him and name him.

Friedman said that he was regularly offered databases for money, and gave an assurance that his “due diligence” procedures on databases being offered for purchase would be tightened up in future. Whilst this is a fine sentiment, he did not identify the Latvian pirate and did not explain how that individual came to be in possession of a confidential RTG database. Friedman is RTG’s main business partner in the sub-licensing area.

An alarming side-bar to Friedman’s report is the apparent insecurity of players’ personal information…and industry experts have been quick to remind readers that Friedman was involved in flagrant breaches of player privacy through his aborted Online Casino Managers Association negative database some two years back.

Grand Banks casino manager Clarence Evans says that he is mystified as to how Windows and their Latvian came to be in possession of a confidential database. He tells InfoPowa that he has been assured by RTG that no financial details were obtained, although it is not clear how RTG know that.

That leaves RTG itself as the custodian of the pirated database. Better late than never, Real Time Gaming has furnished a response today having carried out an internal investigation. It deepens the mystery surrounding the pirated database, because they claim that their archive logs confirm that there was no access from their side, and that the information did not come from them, nor was it accessible in any way online.

They suggest that the database may have gone astray from Grand Banks during their transition to Playtech software last year QUOTE: ” It is our opinion that the data was likely compromised before of during their transition to their new software platform and from within the Grandbanks organization itself or that of the new software provider.” UNQUOTE

With all three major players (excluding of course the Latvian webmaster who remains at large) denying responsibility it would seem unlikely that mere mortals will discover the truth in this matter anytime soon.


Great New Idea from Cabaret Club

It’s always exciting to see an operator in the industry introduce a new concept, and this week Cabaret Club Casino.com came up with one that we expect will really catch on with players and emulators alike.

Take a quick Internet excursion to www.cabaretshowroom.com to see what we mean. Cabaret Club has just launched the site which features Vegas-style video entertainment over the internet and onto the entrance “page”. When we checked it out there were some great music and comedy shows going on. It may have been a tad on the grainy side, but it created extra ambience and was innovative and appealing.

The showroom features a diverse variety of entertainment acts direct from Las Vegas and other popular venues, making it the first online property to successfully merge the world of online gaming with real Las Vegas shows, revues and performers.

Presented by the Showroom’s virtual hostess, Madamoiselle Bonne Chance, the initial entertainment acts available include a variety of musical acts, singing, comedy, and even dancing from real Las Vegas show girls.

This is a really clever new promotional and entertainment concept that we reckon will be emulated widely. And it has lots of possibilities. For example, future plans include premier acts and full-length Las Vegas revues made available as a member’s only perk to players at Cabaret Club Casino. Gaming Broadcast is involved, which has a professional rep and involves a respected industry personality, Jerry Garner.

Three play formats are available – MS Media, Real One and Quick Time.

Having enjoyed the show, visitors can move on to the serious business of internet gambling on the casino’s 58 games. The venue for Cabaret Showroom was filmed at one of the most luxurious venues in America, The Madison in Long Beach, California. With solid mahogany walls, antique chandeliers and priceless fixtures, the Madison is a true tribute to a grander time of live entertainment.

And it’s all for free, we’re told – new players can pick up a signup bonus maxed at $100 in free casino credits.

Congratulations to Cabaret Club – it’s always nice to see new ideas on the online casino side of the industry.