The ever increasingly popular US 먹튀사이series ‘High stakes poker’ have no increase the Ante. Buyin’s have increase from $100k to $500k. This should sort the boys from the men, Stay tuned to the series for some great poker action featuring Hellmuth, Brunson, Negreanu and more. Speak of Negreanu does any one know of a big name poker player that can read players so well? some of his calls have been pretty amazing not just during the ‘high stakes poker’ series but pretty much all of his TV appearances.

Good news for fans of poker and facebook. Arsenal Interactive have launched a new poker system for users of facebook to play online hold’em with each other. You may have played existing poker games on facebook but this new app includes webcam interaction!

Good news for those of you who live in Sweden, Party Poker has released a site specific to swedish players. Visit the homepage and you should be redirected to the swedish specific site.!

Doyles Room is Back in the US!

Good news for you US players. Poker room giant ‘Doyles Room’ has returned to operate in the US again starting 19th Oct!

Doyles Room has been offline in the US for around 6 months following the US legislation on online gambling.

All US players will be able to login with their existing username and passwords.

This is great news and a big step forward, hopefully more poker rooms will start following suit!

BetDiret Poker Room Review

About Bet Direct

BetDirect are part of the 32red group (my favourite group too) as such they come with very similar bonuses but also the same great customer support, multiple deposit methods and great loyalty bonuses


$500 on your first deposit (100% match)

Loyalty bonuses for entrance in to special tournaments as well as cash back

Deposit Methods

As they are part of the 32red group deposit and withdrawl methods are pretty much the same, withdrawls are made very quickly as you would expect from this group


Certainly one of the nicer rooms to play, entering a room takes a few seconds to login and sit down. Money is transfered back to your account when you leave the room within a few seconds (can be longer if you play a diferent currency)

Hi, I’m sure most of you have heard of this TV series but some people outside the US may not, ‘High Stakes Poker’ is a weekly TV show featuring some of the biggest names in poker including Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu and Jamie Gold. The last 7 shows will feature over $5million of the players own cash on the tables so it’s sure to be a great watch. Earlier shows featured a 7-2 game where if any player won the pot with a 7-2 each player would pay the winner an extra $500 wether they participated in the hand or not.