I have been playing poker for almost 2 years now, exactly two years as of Thanksgiving this year. In that time I’ve come a long way and I’ve come out ahead (thankfully). But as I play more and more I realize that there is still a lot to learn. I’m a consistent winner in all the live games I play and I’ve squeaked out a small profit online despite my loose play and inability to pay attention to ring games for more than 5 minutes at a time.


What’s my point?


I’m still not the player I’d like to be. I love playing poker and working at the game. I’m always looking for holes in my game and trying to find ways to get better.


The best way to find holes, for me anyway, is to play just above my comfort level. Better players are better at exploiting mistakes and if you move up to a new level you’ll undoubtedly make a few mistakes that better players will capitalize on. Hopefully I don’t lose too much when I jump levels, but the risk involved forces me to focus and learn from what I’m doing wrong.


I know that when I play in tournaments that cost $5 I lose focus and play standard poker, I just bet my hands, make a few good reads, and hope for the best. When I pay $100 I focus on everything, I make a lot more reads, and I play my hands better. The key is translating that concentration from the higher level into success in all area of poker. That concentration makes holes much more obvious and allows me to see ways to correct them almost immediately. I might recognize that I played my hand weakly after my opponent gave up on the hand after the flop. It could be that I made a bad bet in a given situation. visitez le site


Depending on your experience level the holes you find could be huge or they could be small holes that very few people exploit. It doesn’t matter. You need to plug every hole you can and become as solid a player as you can.