While the argument of whether agen slot online is a game of chance or skill has been debated for as long as one can remember, it is not quite everyday that you will hear people debating whether poker is a sport or not.  I came across a British guy’s perspective on this topic.

Good news for the WSOP fans out there.  They have just announced the schedule for this year’s events.  I am sure that like me, you have been anticipating this for quite some time now.  The first event will be on the 1st of June and the Main Event on the 17th.  This last show will be held at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino.  With a total of 300 tables, there will surely be more participants this year.

So we there we were playing still and the two guys who kept winning got up and it was just 6 of us now. All of us were short stacked except for the other two.  Were they simply on tonight and everyone around them was on a bad beat or were they cheating?

It was poker night so I went to the bar where we normally play and I found out that we were playing at someone’s house with someone whom I have never played with before. The people I play with were going and he had played with him a lot so my friend and I went.

As time goes by, just when we thought we have seen and heard of everything, technology and its applications never cease to amaze us. I bet that when the TV was introduced ages ago, people’s eyes just popped out of their head. Now, it is just part and parcel of our daily lives.

Two of the biggest names in the world of online poker have butted their heads against each other.  Poker.com recently made some allegations against Full Tilt Poker.  The former claimed that the latter has breached online gambling laws.  Here is the press release from Gambling 911:According to a representative of the PR firm to make

It has long been a bone of contention between poker enthusiasts and those who do not really see poker in a positive light.  Any poker player would say that there is a great degree of skill involved in playing poker – any type of poker.

Ok now, we have all been there – got the Nuts so we think so we go all in and to our disbelief we are now in the loser’s lounge.  If we were all celebrities (but we are not, well most of us anyway) we would just

What does poker and the ubiquitous iPod have in common? Perhaps at first glance, you would come up with nothing. Think just a little bit deeper and I am sure you will get something. Ahuh, you’re getting there. Yes, the iPod has games but it doesn’t have poker yet – well

We have all been there – having that one hand that you are sure you are going to win so you say the three words every person at the table cheaseing hates to hear I’M ALL IN.