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Magic: The Gathering has a seasonally updated database that updates the wording of every card in the game, to the point that year-old cards already have official wordings that differ from what is printed on the cards. What today is regarded as canon in Doctor Who was actually only settled on relatively late in the day. If you l ove something, you can generally find an RPG for it except for a Dr. Here are some notable examples: Tama and Tojo both went to heaven after dying, despite their sinister actions. This appears to be averted in the movie version, where Sweeney balks from kissing her in her own fantasy sequence. This contradicts statements made in several other episodes that Adama had commanded Galactica for years prior to the series. Is there an RPG for that?
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Examples with sources cited.

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During the filming of The Lord of the Rings , Ian McKellen had the costumers sew a pocket into his robe in which he carried a copy of Tolkien's book , for use in settling debates about the author's intent. Though it is for good reason. For many years, Wizards of the Coast had evoked errata to curb card power and keep what were considered the 'functional intent' cards in place. The world finds out about Chuck and she goes off and travels with her parents to hide from the attention. A strange example of this trope is Twin Peaks , as creator David Lynch has stated that he does not support the identity of Laura Palmer's killer being her father , as he was a victim to Executive Meddling , and wanted the mystery of the killer to go on for the entire series. Two writers quoting the Story Bible back and forth are having a Bible Fight. This is totally not the case.
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In Frozen , it states that Elsa was born with her powers but never says why. Most fans chose to simply ignore Nasu's official statements since the Nasuverse is complex enough as it is. The Movie Archive website. Bait and Switch has an "Author's Notes" section at the end of each chapter that explains various things e. This appears to be averted in the movie version, where Sweeney balks from kissing her in her own fantasy sequence. Blue , gave the community the chance to conduct two interviews just for this purpose, so long as nobody asked questions about Tex or future episodes. Around the time the franchise ended, Greg wanted and give the fans more of a say in where the story should go, but his newborn child kept him from this, and later LEGO adopted a rule that forbid him from talking to fans online.
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Though it is for good reason. The only clues that this might be true in the movie, though, are the fact that Deckard's eyes briefly luminesce in one shot and he's out of focus and in the background, at that and the origami unicorn left by Gaff Edward James Olmos after Deckard dreamed of a unicorn. Mojang has confirmed that the Minecraft character Alex is a female , by constantly referring to her to with feminine pronouns. Firestar, being a complete idiot when it comes to she-cats, still thinks he and Cinderpelt were " Just Friends ". Neon Genesis Evangelion : Hideaki Anno does not often comment on Eva unless he feels it is an important issue.
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